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Filtering items with results from stat module with Ansible

I want to use Ansible to replace an existing Bash script which allows me to rsync files (artifacts) to a remote host and also skip non-existent ones.

OpenStack Database migration commands

This information was valid at the time this article was written (liberty-2).

At the OpenStack Operators meetup in Palo Alto, people complained about how database migration commands were inconsistent across projects. Here is a list of those commands so you can get an idea of the inconsistent people are talking ...

Reducing Keystone PKI token size

For those using the PKI token provider in Keystone, the PKI token size is a known problem: it proportionally increases as you add regions and services to the catalog.

Multiple solutions have been proposed to reduce its size, one is to use the Multi-Attribute Endpoint Grouping extension as proposed in ...

Puppetfile.local support for librarian-puppet-simple

I found the need to locally override the git repository locations of some modules by my own for test and development purposes. One example is the need to test a change in a Puppet module without having to push your commit to the official remote repository first.

Nova cells and block device mapping

There is a bug related to block device mapping for those using Nova cells which affects all versions of OpenStack.

One of the result is the inability to create an image of an instance booted from volume.

Nova cells and console access

If your Nova installation uses cells, don't forget to add this config to /etc/nova/nova.conf on all your management and compute nodes:


Generating sample config files in OpenStack

Each OpenStack project is a bit different. One of those differences is how sample config files are managed (or not) in the repository.

Here is a summary about how each project manage them.

OpenStack Icehouse and Ubuntu Package Dependencies

I recently had to upgrade an OpenStack installation running on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) from Havana to Icehouse in a test environment. After upgrading all OpenStack packages, I encountered a series of problems where services weren't starting anymore. Those problems were mostly related to wrong dependencies in the Ubuntu packages.

Puppet modules for OpenStack release v4.1.0

The Puppet OpenStack community released the version 4.1.0 of the puppet modules for OpenStack on the Puppet Forge.

Where are the sample config files?

This article is written from an OpenStack operator's perspective.

During the OpenStack Icehouse cycle, Clint Byrum suggested removing all auto-generated configuration file samples from all repositories.

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